Japanese style interior

The basis of the Japanese interior is clean, harmony and peace. The objects of the situation should be well combined and ensure the balance of serenity and charm. The style does not accept fuss and excesses, often it breathes with dimensionality and asceticism, contributes to the formation of a desire to search for the main.

The rule of the Japanese style is the absence of random or extra elements. The minimum of furniture and openness of space, natural beauty and functionality, the dominance of natural materials in the decoration. Laconic forms are provided by the priority of straight lines. Recently, in this interior, they often use good ceiling chandeliers, they are inexpensive.

To divide the interior space into separate rooms, sliding partitions are intended. The thin frame is glued with rice paper and is painted with pictures. Extreme life in Japanese houses are located in the center of the room, the hearth and mattress become the central elements of the composition. Squares, paper lamps and ikebans are usually placed around the perimeter.

The Japanese style is focused on the advantage of life on the floor, so most elements in the interior are designed for the convenience of a sitting person. The house is not replete with a variety of rooms, the premises are more utilitarian and are intended to satisfy pressing needs. The design is dominated by natural colors.