Kamin stove and its features.

Kamin stove.

The fireplace stove combines the simplicity of operation and installation, as well as the ability to admire the fire through a transparent glass door. It is characterized by high functionality and the ability to provide burning time from 5 to 12 hours, it depends on the brand and manufacturer. The fireplace stove not only heats the room, but also decorates the room, pleases the owner with the opportunity to observe the fire. Such stoves can be made using natural stone. ceramic tiles, Mayoliki.

The fireplace stove can be installed in the country, or in the house where the family constantly lives. She will be a wonderful decoration of the living room or any room in the house. It is better to use such a furnace in a house where the heating system has already been established and, in addition to heat, the hosts want to get aesthetic pleasure from communication with fire.

Before buying a fireplace stove, you need to know its qualities. The cast iron stove-fireplace warms the room and retains heat as much as possible. Such quality can be achieved using a special design, or if there are special heat-accumulating elements in the stove-stone. For a summer cottage, a fireplace stove is suitable, on which it will also be possible to cook.

The furnaces that are equipped with a glass door are the main element of the stove-stone. In a metal casing, a cast -iron furnace is accommodated, which provides convective heating. The result is a device, which is a fireplace stove. This design has the properties of both the stove and fireplace, but the internal device is more similar to the fireplace.

Kamin stove can provide a fairly large heat with heat. It can be used both as the main heat source and additional. With its help, an ideal temperature in the house and atmosphere of comfort and comfort are created, thanks to the flame of real fire.