Kitchen interier.

The interior of the tiny cuisine is the practice of releasing useful area.

There are a lot of good things about Soviet architecture. But what typical kitchens in multi -storey buildings she made is only worthy of condemnation. Indeed, how many inconvenience not even one, but several generations of residents left these tiny, completely devoid of comfort, practice, comfort – kitchen premises. On the one hand, from hopelessness, in their small sizes you can still find some positive points. In particular, it is sometimes convenient to reach any device, sitting at a dining table. But, on the other hand, this is categorically unacceptable that when two inhabitants of the apartment appear in the kitchen at the same time, they simply have nowhere to turn around to both of them.

However, a small kitchen should not be a reason for a disorder. Moreover, today, when many design tricks are known, allowing to “win” several free meters from this tightness. So, firstly, Mr.-shaped or linear (in one row) arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen will significantly reduce the place occupied by the headset. In addition, you can always arrange furniture in 2 tiers. In the upper cabinets (which will be almost under the ceiling) you can add all things that are rarely used. And for the convenience of their getting, you can always get a small folding ladder. By the way, the swing doors of the headset should be replaced with sliding analogues or vertical devices like blinds.

Secondly, the door is better to make an accordion. Especially if it opens inside. The accordion is an ideal option, but if desired, it can be replaced by a sliding design model.

In order for such a valuable space of walls above the plate or sink, it can be used for all kinds of hooks or rails (chrome strips with a series of hooks). What to hang on them is to solve the owner himself. It can be colorful cups, pans, different accessories. By the way, in this case (if the dishes are bright), the design of a small kitchen in Khrushchev will not only be practical and comfortable, but also original, from an aesthetic point of view attractive.

Fourthly, the beneficial space of boxes must also be used effectively. A successful decision would be to hang a couple of open cabinets, and place small kitchen appliances in them. Or use the Wrong models of technical devices. Included with built -in furniture, this will provide the maximum of the released area. True, such a kitchen will cost more.