Kitchen interior with an area of ​​6 square meters.

In the new apartment, the happy owner is all the same by creating and inventing a new interior. For the hostess, the kitchen is primarily important. But what to come up if the kitchen is small and its size is only six squares? But such kitchens exist literally in houses like boats and in the so -called Khrushchevs. This small platform leads the hostess almost to hysteria.

But don’t be so upset. If you adhere to some design rules, then even from such a kitchen you can make a very comfortable and spacious kitchen. The current methods with the correct selection of furniture and a successful painting of walls, thought out by the use of each meter of space, can make an excellent and beautiful interior. Be sure to look at modern kitchens, classic cuisine.

In these kitchens, furniture may not be standard, and interiors can be completely any. Since the dimensions of kitchen furniture are already ready for a small kitchen. In this case, it is better to order a kitchen. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the size of the kitchen itself and the wishes of the hostess. Furniture made by order, almost always very functional and roomy. And the best option for a small kitchen will be the purchase of built -in technology.

Starting to create an interior in the kitchen with an area of ​​six square meters, it is necessary to divide it into zones. In such a kitchen, any centimeter should be intended for the zone that will now satisfy certain needs. In this case, you need to make excellent lighting and correctly place the appropriate technique in size. If you calculate everything correctly, then the result will be wonderful.

The acting surfaces should be conveniently located in such a kitchen: sinks, working areas and hobs. They will be close to each other. No need to run all over the kitchen anymore. Therefore, you can cook comfortably.

The compact interior is very important for a small kitchen. Indeed, for all kinds of kitchen items there will not always be a place on shelves or cabinets. Therefore, an excellent and optimal solution would be the installation of the crossbars located above the stove and the working area. This will save both place and time, because the necessary things will always be nearby.