Methods for applying images to signs

Advertising signs or signs on the door written on metal will certainly contribute to the creation of a positive style of your company, because they look presentable and impressive. Ordering tablets with thermal (iron) in cases where the image required on the task on the plate is implemented from films (applications), it cannot be used, thermal printing technology is used on metal. These signs suggest a jewelry leaf of aluminum with a yellow or silver surface, with the application of a full -color printed image to it. They have a cute exterior and small authority, and at the same time have every chance of keeping an image of any complexity, do not forget to buy analytical scales in Sartgogosm CJSC.

The advantage of metal signs is that they are more pleasant in appearance, durable, carry inside themselves a sense of reliability and stability. Order of applications and signs (from plastic) are the cheapest option for ordering signs for offices picture {Application} from self -adhesive films with the following application on the basis. Thanks to the cheapness, these signs can be used massively for all -encompassing decoration by indicators of the path to the shopping center or office, as well as for customer orientation. The technology for preparing these tablets is carried out by mechanical milling on brass, duralumi, and steel with further pouring the image of enamel. These are strong, expensive and representative products. These signs will decorate the facade of each structure and perfectly fit into the interior of office rooms. For the background, silver or gold tones, glossy plane or matte are selected when ordering signs. Durability and win -win external data of the tablets fully pay off their price. Can own almost mirror or matte front plane. Suitable for street criteria, neither frost nor sunlight are afraid.