Methods for installing the mixer for the kitchen

Today there is a constant replenishment of construction markets and stores with various modern models of mixers. If you are planning to replace old mixers and want to install new mixers, you do not need to rush and immediately contact the plumbers. You can do all this quite independently for this for this you only need the necessary tools and materials.

To install a new mixer on the kitchen, you will need a variable or wretched key, gaskets, a cross -shaped screwdriver, flexible hoses, a flashlight and a new mixer. You will be interested in the price of a copper pipe.

Before installing a new mixer, you need to remove the old mixer. However, this is not so simple, since during operation it can adhere to the sink there to cause damage to kitchen equipment. You must process a place where the mixer and washing is adjacent using a chemical detergent and leave for 15 minutes. After that, you can easily unscrew the fasteners.

Next, you need to block the water supply using taps or valves, on the central risers with hot and cold water. You must open the taps on the mixer located in the kitchen and make it possible to completely drain the water. Using a flexible hoses designed to supply water from fittings fixed on the supply pipe (13 to 14).

Next, you need to take a cross screwdriver and unscrew the mounting screw installed in the mixer. To do this, you must crawl under the back of the sink and highlight the place of fastening with a flashlight. Then you need to remove the fasteners and carefully extract the mixer along with flexible hoses. The nuts of the mounts that are located at the ends of the hoses must be carried out alternately through the hole in the sink.

You need to rinse the place where the mixer is attached by using a brush and cleaning agent. Connect flexible hoses to the mixer. You can use old hoses if they have an excellent condition or fasten new. You must install a rubberized gasket in the sink hole and draw hoses through it from the mixer.

In the lower part of the sink, you must install the rubberized gasket along with the fastener puck. Next, you need to fix it with a fastener, but not much to be able to align the mixer after installing it. Having finished this operation, you can tighten the fasteners. You must connect flexible hoses to the supply pipes, which must correspond to the marking on the crane. After you need to tighten the nuts with a wrench or divorce key. You have to submit water and check the new mixer for random leaks.