Methods of heating of a country house

Almost every resident of the city dreams of suburban housing. Someone wants a house for permanent residence, and someone dreams of a cozy cottage for any period of the year. In any case, a private house is a lot of worries in arrangement and maintenance, among which the heating of a private house.

There are many ways to heating a house. But before choosing, it is worth knowing the pros and cons of each of them. In this article, we will try to reveal all the nuances of each of the types of heating.

Stove heating

This type of heating is suitable for small houses, because several furnaces will have to be placed on large facilities, but besides this, and the complex wiring of chimneys. Another minus of furnace heating is the high cost of fuel – coal and firewood. But there are, of course, their advantages of this type of heating – many people like to contemplate fire, feel it warm. This type of heating makes the house much more comfortable.

Water heating

This is the most beloved home -owned type of heating. It consists in the fact that the system of pipelines through which the coolant is laid throughout the house – most often water – which heats up in the boiler. In this case, the boiler can be anything – wood, gas, electric. Such a system has a very high efficiency, but at the same time it is quite complicated in execution and the road. The boiler itself is quite bulky and usually they are installed in special rooms or basements. Using such a system, you can heat any, even a large house.

Electric heating

This is the easiest type of heating. There is no need to lay pipes here, there are no large boilers and the danger of freezing the system in winter. But with seemingly tangible advantages there are negative aspects. So many suburban villages have problems with the supply of electricity in the winter, and to be left without light and even without heat in severe frost – the prospect is not pleasant. In addition, electricity is a fairly costly way to warm up. Costs will be much more than when heating with firewood or gas.

When choosing heating, look at your own conditions and select one that will make the least problems for you. For some, it will be more profitable to drown electricity, and someone will be able to heat a small country house with a fireplace. Ideal heating does not exist, so you will have to choose on the principle of a smaller of two evils.

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