Methods of laying carpet coating

Carpets and carpet coatings make rooms more comfortable and warmer, but in order for them to serve for many years, it is important to properly and carefully lay them. At the same time, it must be borne in mind that every six to seven years it is better to replace the coating with a new.

The process of laying the carpet begins with its purchase. Here the main thing is not to lose with the size, since the coating should completely cover the floor. So that there is some supply, it is better to buy 10-15 centimeters more than the coating.

You can lay the carpet in several ways:

– laying the carpet without any fixation;

– laying on bilateral tape laid around the perimeter of the area;

– Complete fixation of the carpet to the floor surface (this styling method is relevant in large rooms).

– laying the coating using a special substrate (on glue);

– laying the coating using a special substrate (on a flawless basis);

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One of the most popular types of laying is the gluing of the coating. This work is performed as follows:

First you need to prepare the floor itself properly (that is, leve it and clean it from extraneous objects). To increase heat and sound insulation characteristics of the coating, you can put a substrate on the floor. Moreover, regardless of what material was involved as a substrate, its thickness should be at least five millimeters. If there is no such material (that is, there is no material of the required thickness), then it is better to do without a substrate at all, since a thin base can, on the contrary, reduce the life of the product.

When the flooring is glued, it is necessary to apply glue only to the edges of the product and joints. If the carpet covers the staircase or room, on the floor of which people constantly walk, then it is necessary to apply glue along the entire wrong surface of the coating.

Glue the carpet coating with ordinary PVA glue, while following that the excess glue does not appear on the front side of the product.

As for the “Stretching” method, it is based on the elasticity of the material. To pull the coating, it must first be put at one of the walls, and then nail it with two rows of nails. Then the carpet must be pulled (using special devices). In this way of laying, it is also advisable to use a thick substrate, since it will facilitate the laying process, and also make the coating softer.