Methods of monolithic construction

There are a lot of technologies for the construction of houses. One of them is the construction of a monolithic way. The essence of this option is very similar to the principle of creating a monolithic foundation. Concrete in this case is poured into the formwork and left for hardening for a while. Because the formwork is rearranged above.

Options for implementing this technology several. Once for this, wooden shields were used, which could be used several times. But the problem is that handling this type of formwork is very difficult. Therefore, in the end, more advanced means for such a construction appeared. Recently, construction often uses a wood porcelain border, it is often used.

And today, to a greater extent, they turn to the use of polystyrene blocks. These are individual elements of large volumes that act as non -removable formwork. Such parts are equipped with locks, thanks to which their connection is carried out and a single wall is obtained.

Further, concrete is poured into the resulting cavity. Even after it completely freezes, you do not need to remove the blocks themselves. The result is a very strong design. The big plus of this particular option is also that thanks to it the walls are also insulated, so you do not need to insulate them anymore.