Methods of waterproofing the foundation

The next step after filling the foundation is its waterproofing. This is necessary to prevent dampness on the walls of the future house. In general, for any building, it is advisable to perform waterproofing at two levels: on top of the foundation and on the basement. Several options for waterproofing the foundation are known. Choose the right:

1. Put a cement solution in a 1: 2 layer 2-3 cm., Lease, dry. Put only roofing material on top.

2. Put a thick layer (up to 1 cm) of mastic, which can be prepared yourself. To do this, 1 part of the sifted lime or chalk is mixed with 2 parts of hot pine resin.

3. Put only or roofing material in two layers, but so that the seams at the ends should be overlapped by at least 1.5 cm.

4. Stick birch bark in 2 layers on hot pine resin.

5. Cover the top of the foundation or adhesive equipment or bitumen mastic and glue only or roofing material, respectively. Then again cover with mastic and glue the second layer. This method is the most reliable. Keep in mind that sandy sinking on the back of the felts and roofing material must be removed, which will provide better gluing.

Remember that the well-performed waterproofing of the foundation provides the durability and strength of the whole house and retains the temperature-humidity regime of the walls.

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