Minimalism style interior

Accuracy and laconicism, simplicity and expressiveness. If you value these qualities above all, then the interior style of minimalism will help to recreate them in your room. The recreation of this style requires the use of neutral colors and materials of both industrial and natural, as well as constructive and functional things.

Minimalism requires designers correctly using light and space. The room should turn out to be well -planned and completely shrouded in calm, scattered light. In many ways, this is facilitated by the decoration of the room and windows. Windows, as a rule, are not an addition, but part of the room. For this reason, they are not small. Walls and ceiling have a glossy surface that contributes to the reflection of light, which creates a feeling of spaciousness. House in modern style is beautiful.

By filling the room with furniture, remember that a large amount of furniture and minimalism of the concept are not compatible. For such premises, only the necessary parts of the furniture are used. All furniture has a simple shape and is not rebooted by the decor, but smooth bends may be present. Cabinet furniture with flat facades and glossy surface looks very good. The only element of the decor that may be present in furniture is mirrors.