Modern technologies in construction

The construction of any wooden building is characterized by a detailed architectural development, diligent choice of material and complex construction. A house with a warm wooden structure, created on the basis of innovative technologies, marked the end of the time of slabs from wood. Now buyers have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of today’s housing in a tree building. A significant part of Finland is occupied by forests, and a significant part of the trees is of industrial importance. Northern pine is especially valuable of them: it is grown in Finland and has wood of unique reliability. From a long time, Finnish Aborigines used this wood in almost all their crafts. About 50 years ago, Finnish engineers managed to mechanize the process of developing houses made of wood and lumber for facing. Having combined millennial traditions with the current latest technologies, they achieved success in the manufacture of wood houses, thereby making the concept of the home of the future. The difficult climatic conditions of Finland, like the Siberian part of our state, lead to inhibited growth of trees and lower moisture in wood.

Is it really possible to perform the functions of. Features of PVC profiles. Varieties of wooden floors. Finnish house – the house of the future. Wooden floor in 2 days! The difference between “winter” and “summer” logs for construction. The best finishing material is decorative plaster.

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