Mold and struggle with her

Everyone knows that the value of the dwelling depends on the location, quality of water and air, the proximity of industrial plants. As for the arrangement of the premises, the residents of real estate are ready for large repair expenses, they want to make everything in their power so that the housing is beautiful. Sometimes, without even suspecting it, we ourselves create a place of risk in the room and cause harm to well -being.

The most common nuisance is a fungal lesion. If the room is not ventilated, in the rooms, and specifically in the corners, behind the carpets, near the radiators, for no reason the layer of paint swells and the plaster begins to crumble. From under the exfolved wallpapers, the place of mold is distinguishable. This is a bioportion. They are fucked, painted or glued wallpaper, and this more often ends the repair. Soon, the fungus still appears again, and in the end the residents admit their own impotence. Experts have long established that the debate of black and white mold provoke allergies, chronic diseases of the respiratory system and sometimes oncology.

Mushrooms are very diverse: what kills alone, then feeds other species. This means that it is best to consult with specialists who will find out the type of mushroom and give instructions for its destruction. Then its habitat are disinfected with special drugs.