Online building materials store in Kharkov

Among the undoubted leaders in the supply of various building material throughout Eastern Ukraine is the company Ukrbudmat. Kharkov residents and construction companies for 15 years have been purchasing building material from this company. The company has a wide range, this makes it possible to select the desired building material for all levels of customers: from individual orders to wholesale orders of construction companies. The construction giant “Ukrbudmat” for sale uses a different form of sale, including the sale of material through the online store.

Having its own online store, a construction company can afford to sell at wholesale and retail prices of all goods that have warehouses. Roofing material, cement, corrugated board, drywall, plywood and much more are imported from the largest domestic factories of manufacturers. One of the popular products yellow sandstone, which is harvested in the Luhansk region, on the resource of production of material, domestic manufacturers favorably differ from their foreign colleagues.

One of the popular material in construction, which is used at many construction sites, the OSB plate is made of natural wood and exceeds many foreign analogues in quality. The supplier of the slabs is the company “Krona”, which uses the technology of grinding and protection against moisture of various types. The online store when buying material at wholesale prices in large quantities, uses various forms of payment and a flexible system of discounts. At the same time, the delivery of goods is carried out to any city of Ukraine, and in the territory of the Kharkov region to any settlement, while the timely delivery time and quality of the goods are observed.