Polymer pipes: where to use and check the quality?

Polymer pipes are used today almost everywhere: for hot and cold water supply, for sewage pipes, for wiring heating and warm floors. Each of the listed systems has its own features that must be taken into account when choosing the type of polymer pipes. The two main factors that affect the durability of the pipes are the pressure and temperature of the water.

For example, for cold water supply, light polymer pipes with thin walls are used that can withstand water temperature up to twenty degrees. But wiring heating systems use more complex pipes made of metal and plastic with thick walls. Such pipes will withstand the temperature up to ninety degrees Celsius. This became possible thanks to a special rate of aluminum, which helps maintain stiffness.

Before buying polymer pipes, make sure their quality. The cut at the pipe should be even, and the diameter is perfectly round. No protrusions, roughnesses are allowed. Pipes should also not easily connect to each other in a cold state. Remember, one pipe should enter the other with effort, and exclusively in a heated state.