Polypropylene pipes properties.

Propylene pipes have high strength and long life – up to 50 years. They began to be used 40 years ago and were widely used in the construction of buildings.

For the manufacture of shaped products and stamped pipes, the injection method is currently using. Granuluts are used as raw material material. It is obtained by polymerization of propylene, which is formed during oil refining. The dye is added to the granules so that the resulting product has the desired color. For water pipes, the outer color of lead-gray. For sewer pipes, brick-orange color is used. The internal walls of sewer pipes have a light gray color.

Polypropylene pipes laid in the ground and working in gravity have a service life of up to 100 years.

Initially, polypropylene pipes were used at industrial enterprises and chemical plants. Later they began to be used in the construction of residential premises for laying water pipelines and sewers. Due to the fact that polypropylene can withstand high temperature, low temperature and temperature changes, it has been widely used in the construction of residential buildings.


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