Properties of bitumen tiles.

Bitumen tile.

If we reason that the foundation of the house is a step No. 1 in the construction of any building, then the roof is a final but no less significant stage of construction work. In modern offers of roofing materials, it will easily get lost, but still you need to choose only the most durable and optimal options. Like, for example, bitumen tiles.

Flexible tiles (another name of the bitumen roof) – a small but multilayer sheet, which has different shape (wave -shaped, hexagons, etc.), and also such a roof is produced in a very wide color scheme. The price of bituminous tiles will depend on the color scheme and size of the roof sheet. Modern flexible tiles – created using innovative technologies on the most high -quality equipment. As building material, bitumen tiles have quite wide possibilities for a variety of roofing solutions, and, in addition, this is one of the most popular roofing coatings.

The bitumen tiles compares favorably with all other materials of this purpose in that it is extremely plastic. And this allows her to repeat the slightest bends of the roof and supplement even the most difficult architectural solutions of the building. A variety of cones and turrets are not a problem for flexible tiles, so architects and designers love it so much. Another advantage is a high degree of heat resistance. Experimentally, it was proved that bitumen tiles do not lose any of its features at a temperature of -70 to + 150 degrees. Bitumen tiles are also very resistant to corrosion and various fungal lesions. It is absolutely waterproof and does not create noise during the rain, unlike other roofing materials. Flexible tiles are made of one hundred percent dielectric, and this completely eliminates the case of lightning entering the building. In addition to the foregoing, bitumen tiles are ideal for absolutely all buildings, because it has such a small weight that it does not provide any pressure on the foundation and walls of the structure.

Due to such valuable and significant advantages of bitumen tiles, many companies began to engage in its production, implementation and installation. The most famous and demanded of them are Katepal, Shinglas, Iko, Owens Corning, Aquaizol, Baltios Brat and many others.

Bitumen tiles are a magnificent plastic roof that will save your home from noise and moisture, and will also support a suitable microclimate, making life in it just perfect.