Pros of winter buildings at home.

Winter construction of houses has their own defenders and criticizing. Modern technologies make it possible to build a foundation even in severe frosts without compromising the physical properties of the structure. On the territory of Russia, the period of low temperatures lasts almost six months, and the rules of winter construction of wood houses turned out for centuries. And the data is worth the house for a very long time. Winter construction has a large positive moment. The summer forest is more humid, and in this regard, it is very prone to spoilage with parasites. The winter forest is not very wet, and also in the cold, the fungus does not live. At reduced temperatures, moisture from the log is freezing, which gives a gradual shrinkage of construction. Having built a house in winter, in the summer you can finish the repair. Plus everything, with winter construction, your site is not subject to undesirable changes, since construction technology does not break the soil during frosts. It is clear that the winter construction has not only positive aspects, but also cons. As an example, if the temperature is less than 25 ° C, then the beam can be covered with cracks. Also the time for workers’ work is shorter, t. To. daylight hours in winter is short. These circumstances greatly increase construction time. But in winter there is no seasonal excitement, and builders build the house as it should.