Protective films for glasses

Often film coatings are used in glass. These coatings are applied to glass in glass – bags and single glasses. Glass in this way can be slightly strengthened and made tinted, non -income, fire -resistant, and protecting from unnecessary sunny radiation and noise.

The protective film is directly glued to the surface of ordinary glass. Captivity is made of elastic and durable layer of polyester. These films are indispensable in places where natural disasters often occur, and even more so earthquakes.

During the construction work, workers must be protected from undesirable injuries. For this you will need special work costumes. Overalls helps to protect you mechanical influences and production pollution.

When hitting a protected film, a hole forms a hole with a shock gun. Also, the use of these films reduces heat loss by about 35–40 %, they seem to smooth out warm and cold zones in the entire room.

Protective films together with glass create a certain fire -resistant composition that can restrain fire for 45 minutes, and all due to the fact that it occurs superficial short burning without the spread of fire and the formation of toxic gases and smokes.

The sunscreen can filter up to 99 % of ultraviolet radiation, which, with immense effects, causes skin burns, and can also become a factor in many serious diseases. Also, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, furniture, wallpaper, carpets, etc.

Nowadays, the possibilities of glazing loggias and balconies using protective films are almost limitless. Having made the right choice, we can avoid significant losses of expensive heat, and also significantly reduce the penetration from the street of dust and noise.