Pumps and attachments

Unfortunately, it turns out that in most villages of our country there is still no water supply. Many people carry buckets from wells. This is hard, not practical, for a long time. But there is a way out – pumps for a summer residence! The installation of the pump will not require great efforts and, most importantly, financial injections. By installing the pump, you will have your own small water supply, which will become an indispensable assistant in the farm. Also, the pump will come in handy in the country. Pouring flowers, cooking lunch or just drinking water with a pump will be much easier.

There are two types of pumps: electrical and non -electrical.

If electricity is held in your summer village or village, then it’s just wonderful! By installing an electric pump, you will also have water. It creates much less noise than gasoline. Electric pumps are divided into three types:




Centrifugal pumps work due to rotation of the wheel in which the centrifugal force occurs. They use quite a lot of electricity, but are the most powerful. In addition, they are self -consuming water, while when using other types of pumps into a suction tube, it is necessary to pour water every time.

Screw pumps pull water from a depth of 80 m, but their power is not very large. They give about 60 liters per minute. In addition, there is a risk of damage to the hydraulic system if the pump worked for some time without water.

And finally, the third species – vibrational pumps. Instead of an electric motor, they have an electromagnet, and water is pumped using a vibrator. He takes out water from a depth of about 40 m. But this pump is afraid of the slightest signs of dirt. He can work for 4 hours without stopping at a speed of 25 liters per minute.

The non -electrical type of pumps includes manual and working on a gasoline or diesel engine. The pumps with the engine will raise you water from a depth of 8 m. Manual pumps are in no way inferior in depth of gasoline, but you will need to use hard physical work.

How to live in the village not to engage in agriculture?! And the first assistant in this case is a mini -tractor. In order for a mini -submarine to perform various functions, you use the attachment equipment for tractors. It can be purchased at the company of agricultural machinery “Pegas”. The attachment of this company is universal and can be used by tractors with a capacity of 12-80 horsepower. The attachment equipment includes:

potato -resident;



hinged plow;



fertilizer scatter;

water pump;

potato -capt.;

press collection for dry grass;

rake-rake and much more.

The mini -tractor is also used in utilities and construction work. For these types of work, other attachments are already used, such as:

concrete mixer;

lawn mower;


branch of branches;

hinged excavator;

hinged shovel-offer;

rotary mowel;

The brush is smart.