Usually people refresh their own housing, moving furniture. It happens that a person is not enough for a person – then he takes up repair work. Often such actions bring real benefits, simplifying the existence of the owner of the room or the work of organizations.

The transfer of the kitchen from one place of the room to another or the construction of another bathroom is called “Redeving the premises”. It seems that this repairs should not be included in regulatory paper – after all, we do not destroy the walls. However, the Housing Code obliges a person to acquire an approval for the redevelopment of rooms.

The first-because without the demolition of walls, most often it does not work out. Secondly-because all the plates, ducked rooms, plumbing are marked in terms of premises. On the basis of such data, the technical passport of the dwelling is given, and it is impossible to transform it without permission: the law on this subject provides for various sanctions. Since making changes to a whole, in advance designed system can disrupt its functioning.

To coordinate this issue, people are increasingly turning to the assistance of organizations specializing in this version of services. Qualified specialists will ensure the safety and quality of work performed. Lawyers will make sure that all changes are approved with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation.