As a rule, people refresh their own housing, moving furniture items. There is little such manipulations to a person – therefore, he is taken for repairs. Sometimes such changes give actual benefits, facilitating the life of the owner of the home or the labor process of organizations.

Moving the kitchen from one corner of the apartment to another or the formation of another bathroom is called “Reduce the premises”. In principle, this repair should not be included in regulatory documents – we do not remove the walls. Nevertheless, he requires the owner of the housing to acquire a permit for redevelopment of the premises.

Firstly, because without the demolition of walls, most often it does not do. Secondly-because all plates, bathrooms, bathrooms are registered in terms of apartment. On the basis of such data, the technical passport of the apartment is given, and it is impossible to modify it without permission: the legislation imposes all kinds of sanctions on such an account. Since the introduction of modifications into a single, in advance formed system can violate its work.

To coordinate this issue, people often turn to the help of firms specializing in this form of services. Qualified specialists guarantee the safety and quality of the work done. Lawyers will help that all changes are agreed with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation.