Repairmen Brigade: Her pros and cons of.

The progress of the repair work must carry out professional control. Working with a repair team significantly depends on its composition and professionalism. Ask what specialties every repairman has and what kind of work the team leader plans to entrust this or that specialist. Find out for yourself who and what you have to do. If you are informed that everyone can do everyone in the brigade, refuse these services immediately. Ask what kind of tool the team works. Feel free to arrange interrogation – you trust these people with important work and expensive materials. This option of repairing will require you to vigilant control over the progress of the repair and the expenditure of funds. If you cannot systematically visit the apartment, demand from the head of the everyday report on the state of affairs. If you decide to deal with the repair company, you can relax slightly. 93stroyka100. JPG The important advantage of the construction company is that its employees take on the solution of problems related to your repair. You will not need to rack your head, what kind of material and where to buy, study the nuances of technical work, deal with a bunch of serious and small issues. You just pay money and have a positive ending.