Schifer roof repair method

The slate is most often used as a roof coating. He gained popularity due to a small cost, simplicity of installation, as well as due to the presence of high resistance to mechanical and atmospheric influences.

Slate consists of cement, asbestos and water. Asbestos fibers due to dissolution in a solution of cement and water form a reinforcing mesh, thanks to which the material receives its strength. Despite its strength, the slate roof after some time may require repair. By the way, in the repair, art forging is often used, usually specialists are engaged in it.

In the case of small cracks and minor chips, repair work aimed at restoring the slate can be performed independently. To date, one is known for a fairly easy, but effective way. To do this, the roof must be cleaned using the water brush. After that, the surface of the roof is primed using a mixture of water and PVA glue.

Next, you can prepare a repair mixture for which you will need a flooded asbestos, ordinary pure water and PVA glue. The preparation of the mixture is carried out in small portions two hours before the start of use. During this time, she will not have time to completely freeze. To prepare the mixture, you need to take the cement of one or two parts, mix it with three parts of asbestos and all this is poured with PVA glue, which is pre -mixed with water, while observing the ratio of one to one. As a result, a mixture should be obtained, the consistency of which is similar to sour cream. It must be applied with a thickness of at least two millimeters. Repair is best carried out in calm weather. After such a repair, the roof can last another ten years.