Selection and installation of a gas stove

The modern market is saturated with gas devices with a good design. Surfaces of gas plates are: enameled, stainless, glass -ceramic.

Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. Plates with an enameled surface look good, but are poorly washed from dirt

Stainless surface and looks good, and is washed perfectly, but the slightest spots are visible on it. It must be rubbed to shine.

Glass -ceramic surface – beauty, convenience, high cost.

The choice always remains for the buyer. After all, everyone chooses by price, according to technical parameters, in design. Now, many plates models provide for gas supply control. It is very convenient and safe if the flame suddenly extinguished, gas supply is automatically interrupted. Do not forget to visit the site and buy home accessories there.

Modern gas stoves are equipped with an electric carpet, this saves money “on matches” and nerves, from their absence at the wrong time.

Lattices – stands too, steel, more advanced. They are more often made of cast iron, not metal. Cast iron is less affected by high temperatures.

The installation and connection of a gas stove must be carried out by specialists from the gas service. You can make an installation and connection yourself, but you must be sure that this is done in compliance with gas safety standards.