Slate how good he is

Asbestos -cement (slate) sheets are one of the most recognizable roofing materials used in the construction of wood houses, Russian baths, and households.

The main advantages of the slate in front of many other roofing building materials: efficiency, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, ease of installation, simply amenable to mechanical decoration. Sheets of asbestos -cement slate are made on leaf -forming machines by molding consistency consisting of asbestos (15%), from Portland cement (85%) and water, with the following hardening. The thinnest asbestos fibers distributed in Portland cement moderately form a reinforcing mesh that significantly increases the tightness of the slate and impact -resistant viscosity when stretching. As a result, the resulting product is a whole “stone”, where the fibers of asbestos are associated with the Portland -cement.

The main drawback of asbestos is its non -ecologism to the environment (asbestos is a very strong carcinogen). There is also a worldview that, the harmfulness of the slate is someone’s far-fetched, because asbest is in a strongly related state and does not stand out at all into the environment. Slate quite long -term (about 30 years) material.

Recommended for roofs at an angle from 12 ° to 60 °. Roof weight 10-15 kilograms per square meter. At the current time, slate sheets are often painted at manufacturers of manufacturers with special water-dispersion paint applied to the outer surface of the sheet. As a result of this, the slate is protected not only from atmospheric exposure, which significantly increases the time of its service, but also accepts aesthetic attractiveness.

The main properties of the sheet of slate are its size 1750×1130 mm. With 5.8 mm. thickness, and sheet weight 26 kg. Typically, the average cost of 180 rubles for a grayish sheet, 220 rubles for a painted sheet. Bugar sheets at a cardboard base with a bituminous impregnation and various decorative coating of the outer side of the surface (Euroline, online, etc. come to replace asbestos -cement sheets. P.). The coating produced by the French company “Ondulin” is more popular.