Steel 13 Khfa

Heat -resistant low -alloy alloys are classified as structural alloy steel. Steel 13hfa is distinguished by special properties and characteristics of the metal. This steel is used in conditions of sufficiently high temperature, including in conditions of a slightly spent state. It is actively used for the production of special seamless hot -formed pipes that have an increased or ordinary corrosion property.

In addition, 13 HFA steel is used for the manufacture of special pipe blanks, pipeline fittings and various other components. All such products are designed for the gas or oil industry, where their use is widespread. They are used in such systems that transport gas or oil, in technological pipelines that pump oil products, as well as in such equipment where reservoir pressure is maintained. Note that the chemical composition of this steel, as well as all operational characteristics are solved and advertised according to GOST standards. Basically, the alloy contains various substances.

The alloying elements of the material are nickel, copper and chrome, but technologically deoxidizing impurities are manganese and silicon. The material also contains other components, the number of which is small. Marking that the percentage of all chemical elements can be viewed on the table or on the diagram on our website. The construction and design of durable and reliable pipelines in the conditions of the northern severe climatic zone is a rather difficult task. After all, the operation and conditions here are quite harsh, and the systems mainly transport the corresponding aggressive substances.