The advantages of frame buildings

The most important advantage of frame buildings is the remarkable possibilities for energy -saving parameters with a relatively small thickness of the walls. The variant of insulation guarantees the integrity of heat in your house, which means a reduction in operational expenses for heating rooms. And in crackling frosts when heating is turned off, the temperature in the rooms decreases by just a few degrees. All buildings made of wood to one degree or another are prone to freezing, and frame – do not have such a predisposition. Thanks to a certain structural system in them, it is comfortable in the winter and cool in the summer. Principal simplicity of decoration work. In brick buildings, the use of ordinary plaster will not provide 100% smooth surface of the floors and ceilings. In the frame building of the wall, floor and ceiling are formed ideal due to the very design of the house. The angles of the wall compounds and the wall-toll are impeccable. The frame structure allows you to hide all communications in the lining in a double metal sleeve, which is safe and very convenient: at any second they can be transferred with the smallest time and effort expenses and effort.