The best inexpensive house.

We will decide in advance for ourselves what the right house is. As a result, I came to the end that this is housing for the optimal living space and convenient design with a balanced internal microclimate: in the summer you can do without air conditioning, and in the cold, spending on heating is minimized. I extremely doubt that the team structure meets these conditions and will stand for a long time, having paid off the cost of construction. As I understand it, the best house can be built from natural materials, let’s say, from solid brick, a large -diameter or cheese forest. Brick disappeared immediately, because in our country good material is very rare to enter the retail network and is fabulously expensive. At the same time, very thick walls are needed to create the necessary climate in the house, which means a powerful foundation and a myriad of money. Build from the cheesecake I also do not dare. The material is undoubtedly too interesting, but at the same time too mysterious: ancient construction methods have been lost, recognized masters are not, the moisture resistance of the walls is doubtful, and the weight of the construction is so great that the investment in the foundation can be blocked by the cost of the foundation for the house of brick. Based on the foregoing, I advise you to build housing from the forest, which will allow you to reduce the costs of the foundation, and also create a comfortable microclimate.