The choice of high -quality metal front door

The safety of the dwelling largely depends on the quality of the front door door, which also plays an important role in the design of the interior. If the door is made in a rude style, then this can destroy the entire concept of major repairs. Therefore, it is necessary to take the choice of the door with all the time.

Before you purchase one or another door, you need to analyze the following indicators:

The larger the thickness of the metal, the safer in the room.

The shut -off mechanism should work properly.

The interior of the room and the appearance of the door should be combined with each other.

The eye is in the door.

Great sound insulation.

Additional insulation material.

The presence of fasteners, frames, spray.

The choice of the canvas

An important component of the structure is the door leaf. If the door is cheap, then, most likely, the metal will be low. High -strength alloy steel is considered the best option for high -quality home protection.

The thickness of the outer sheet of the door should be at least 2 cm, otherwise the door over time will begin to deform from the blows. Seamless way of connecting sheets provides the strength of the structure.


Cheap models are usually filled with corrugated cardboard, which does not suffer enough the door from external factors. The best option is when the design is pre -insulated with a loose or leaf material. This approach also blocks the spread of noise and serves as excellent sound insulation.

The remaining elements of the door

An important detail is a box made of durable metal. She holds the canvas in the design. In this case, it is necessary to carry out competently installation work so that the box is in its place.

The barrier between the fraudster and the dwelling is the castle. Now you can buy the following types of locks: electronic, cylinder, leaf. When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the material of the core, reliability, depth of sunset and a secret system.

Based on the overall interior of the apartment, you need to choose the door of a certain style. The appearance of the coating is determined by the following qualities: strength, wear resistance, paint. The inner sheet of the canvas can have any color and texture, including MDF, skin and veneer.

Additional components

Accessories and other components are selected taking into account the need. In each case, their needs for the eye, platbands, seals, etc. In any case, you should not save on the safety of houses or apartments, since in the future it can affect not only the budget, but also on the health of the family.