The choice of Italian doors

Italian doors have been the standard of quality and style for many years now. Regardless of the material of manufacture and design, you can be sure that you will get an excellent product that has passed a lot of quality control steps. According to the material of manufacture, interior doors are divided into:




The most expensive are wooden doors. They are very durable and durable, have good insulation properties. For their manufacture, both deciduous and coniferous trees are used. They can also be combined, t. e. made using artificial materials. The deciduous type includes products from ash, maple, oak, beech and other valuable wood species. Due to the rarity of manufacturing materials, increased resistance to moisture and practicality, such products are the most expensive. The door leaf made of pine is one of the most popular. The secret of his success is that at a very budget price in quality, it is not much inferior to a canvas from deciduous wood of wood. The only drawback of the pine is its softness. The canvas from it is subject to various external influences, so it, as a rule, is veneered, laminated or painted. Pine wood is resistant to dampness and has a pleasant smell, which will give an additional comfort to your home.

Openced interior doors, as a rule, are made from DDF (fine fraction), chipboard (wood -steering plate) or bars from a massive pine tree. They are glued with veneer of wood of valuable. High -quality veneered products are easy to care for, wear -resistant and durable. They can withstand even a long -term exposure to dampness and moisture. Veneer can be artificial. The only minus of the venerable products – over time, on the bright sun, they can fade.

Laminated doors are covered with a material (laminate) with a thickness of 0.5 to 0.8 mm resembling wood. The surface of such products is easily cleaned and not exposed to moisture, but its wear resistance leaves much.

Separately, I would like to consider the popular plastic doors recently. If earlier they were used mainly for offices, hospitals and other institutions, now they organically fit into the interior of residential buildings and apartments. They perfectly protect against cold, have noise -absorbing properties, easily wash and have resistance to any external influences.