The fight against mold

Everyone understands that the value of the apartment depends on the location, ecology, distance from existing factories. As for the arrangement of the apartment directly, the owners of real estate go to large repair expenses, seek to do everything possible to make the dwelling a cozy. Sometimes, even without knowing, we ourselves create a place of risk in the room and cause damage to health.

The most common problem is biopfing. If housing is not ventilated enough, in the rooms, especially in the corners, behind furniture, near heating appliances, a layer of paint suddenly swollen and the plaster begins to pour. From under the exfolved wallpaper, mold spots are distinguishable. This is a fungus. The mold is cleaned, painted or glued, and this usually ends the repair. After some time, the spot reappears again, and in the end people confess to their impotence. Experts have long found out that the disputes of such a fungus give rise to allergic reactions, frequent diseases of the respiratory system and often oncology.

Mushrooms are extremely diverse: what kills alone, then stimulates the growth of other species. Therefore, it will be better to consult experts who find out the type of mushroom and give information to destroy it. Then the areas of its location are disinfected by special substances.