The interior of the bathroom

Today, several completely different styles are popular in the design of the bathroom interior, so we will consider each of them separately.

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So, if you prefer a romantic style in the interior, then the bathroom can be arranged in the most delicate and soft colors. The mirror can be ordered in a carved frame made of light wood, a pallet or a bath in the form of a sea shell, and the curtains can be decorated with roses.

Fans of high-tech, eclecticism, office style can be recommended to create a unique atmosphere in their bathroom and completely. Bath furniture (toilet cabinets and tables, racks, shelves) you need to select cold shades, better with translucent elements. For example, if the cabinet has a steel or bluish tint, then translucent doors of the same shade will perfectly complement the image of this furniture element.

If you are a hot fan of Gothic, it is better to immediately give up the idea to paint the ceiling and walls in dark tones. It will look spectacular, no doubt. But it will be much more spectacular to arrange a bath using finishing materials (for example, plastic carved panels of a dark color) and an original bath. It can be painted in any color using modern acrylic paints.