The interior of the hallway

In any apartment, the hallway is a special place. Actually, she begins to introduce guests to the general design of the home interior. The atmosphere of the hallway creates general well -being and location. Here we will tell you how to create the most comfortable atmosphere in this very important piece of your home.

Nice light

Due to the lack of direct sunlight, the correct lighting will be an important component of the hallway. Dark atmosphere will help to avoid modern lighting lamps. They can be upholstered, angular, floor, built into the surface of the ceiling, suspended. Unusual decorative accessories in the form of light paintings, illuminated plants, false aquariums will make an unforgettable impression on your guests and add style to the style of style. Window sills of granite and marble are also made, for example, there are window sills here are their photos. They can also be installed to add style.

Comfortable furniture

High functioning and good level of practicality here above all. Having decided to fulfill the hallway extremely comfortable and beautiful, it is necessary to pay special attention to furniture items. If the dimensions of the space allow, you can install an integrated wardrobe, thereby you can easily get rid of the overall clutter of the hallway.

A mirror of wide types is well suited for the hallway. Without this item, the interior will be somewhat incomplete. Also, mirrors visually increase the room, and in this case it is simply necessary. Interesting designs for storing newspapers, keys, umbrellas look amazing in the hallway. With the help of them the interior of the hallway is easy to give a fashionable and fresh look. You should not put bulky racks and open shelves: they can contribute to the riots and the accumulation of small objects.

Strong floor

The sexual flooring must be strong, wear – and moisture resistant, because in fact this part of the dwelling is more likely to be intensively used. Tiles, or laminate are better for covering the floor. The tile is easy to clean. In addition, thanks to the use of tiles, you can effectively divide the area into areas.

The surface of the walls

For the surface of the walls, warm muted shades are best – gray, beige, coffee. If desired, you can bring a small contrast – paint part of the hallway in a contrasting shade, hang on the wall any drawing using a template. Such a technique will be able to favorably emphasize the interior of the room of the hallway.

Any housing begins with the hallway of the room – at first glance compact, uncomplicated room. Followed by our advice, you will be able to make it extremely functional and stylish!