The interior of the Italian hinterland

Italy is a magnificent country with which many take certain examples for their interiors. But if for more than one century in fashion the interiors of the chic Italian bourgeois, now the interior of the Italian hinterland is now becoming fashionable.

Gorgeous furniture sets from Italy are of high quality and convenience, while the urban style can be replaced by the true village style of Italy.

Can be chosen from the spirit of styles – minimalistic and classic. The classic style is luxurious, in the strength of Rococo, there are no sharp angles or straight lines – only plant patterns and splendor of the luxurious garden.

Despite the development of modern furniture manufacturing technologies, the Italian style was not reborn into the style of metal, plastic and glass, it remained as luxurious, wooden. And even the furniture of strict forms of the style of minimalism will amaze with the delicate texture not only a connoisseur.

There is a practice of completing the interior with paired elements. The colors in the Italian village motive are dominated by green (grassy), bright pink and orange. Lush chandeliers made of rock crystal, multi -tiered and really luxurious – energy of sunny Italy is found in the classical and new solution of the interior.

Excellent thread curtains of Kiseya will complement any interior of a modern apartment, decorated under a rustic style.