The interior of the sports zone for adolescents in the attic

The sports area in the attic allows us to provide it with a separate natural source of light. Make an attic window on the roof. It can be a modern style of double -glazed windows with heated and ventilation locks. Then, in the winter season, the presence of a window will not affect the temperature mode of the room.

Your children have different age, provide shells that will really interest them . But adult simulators will be in place there. Close the walls of such a room with a pine covered with light azure. The light tone of the walls will be even brighter under the sun. By the way, now they repair gas boilers in Kazan take a little for this service.

Bars and the Swedish wall of pine, one of the strongest materials, cover with azure. Throughout the floor where these buildings are located, it is necessary to lay out mats.

Their polyurethane composition is best pulled by fabric flax. The covers must be removable. Flax has an antiseptic and you can wash. The Swedish wall should have a frame from a metal profile. Wooden crossbars and glued beams, this will provide additional strength.

Since children are teenagers, they need to install a metal removable shell on the bars on which they and you could pull up. A bench for swinging a press with special legs for the legs is also from a pine tree, but covered with a thin layer of polyurethane and linen, in the form of a case. For younger children, shells can be installed in this zone, similarities of large babies will also be interesting.