The specifics of drywall and ironing boards

Almost no modern construction can do without the use of drywall. This building material appeared relatively recently, but quickly gained fame and popularity, as it offers many unique and unusual opportunities. Most often it is used to create reliable and high -quality partitions, as well as for the manufacture of decor items, manufacturing unique multi -level ceilings and all kinds of unusual arches.

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The material has many advantages, but for many builders its most important advantage over other analogues is a cheap and affordable price. Therefore, drywall can afford every person who wants to redevelop or decorate his house or apartment with unusual design solutions.

Drywall is a dry plaster leaf, which consists of two layers of special paper, between which solid gypsum is located. It gives unlimited and exceptional opportunities to embody original design ideas in the interior. With its help, exquisite reliefs are created on any surfaces, sophisticated and stunningly beautiful arches of intricate shapes are formed.