The specifics of fire doors.

The owner of the apartment, the country house, the office need to take care of their safety, the fire doors are partially able to provide it. There are many reasons for the fire, and the result is one – fire and smoke with its victorious procession, fire doors will become this obstacle. They delay the flame for a long time, during this time you can eliminate the fire that has arisen or evacuated through the window. About what the fire doors are discussed in this material.

The glass is fragile, not resistant to high temperatures. For internal fire doors, you can use multi-layer fireproof glass, which consists of glued 3-4 hardened glasses with fire gel inside. In case of fire, the glass is gradually heated by a layer by a layer, so that it remains for some time to extinguish a fire. Such glass is extremely impact -resistant.

Fire -based doors are made of metal or from fire -resistant composite material, the voids of which are filled with fire resistant basalt wool. Doors from fire -resistant composite material is easier to break out, and this may be in some cases salvation. Iron doors made of thick steel can also be bulletproof, but they need to be reliably fixed differently by sagging and deformation.

Such doors have a high price, for a fire door, any lock is not suitable. We need a special castle with a latch and a pressing handle, a door closer, the so -called “antipanic system” system. The fire resistance of ordinary doors can be increased by shearing them with metal sheets. According to modern firefighters, fire doors are mandatory certified.