The specifics of laying a parquet board

Parquet board is an excellent flooring option that provides a cozy interior. The type of such coating looks much more presentable than any tile. Over the past few years, the technology of laying the parquet has significantly modified, therefore, how to put it properly, we will tell in our article.

The parquet board itself consists of several wooden layers that provide its strength. To date, there is a huge assortment of a parquet board for the most diverse tree that will create a supplemented design of the room.

Methods of laying

To date, there are several new methods of laying a parquet board:

Dry styling;

Mechanical fasteners;

Paulic gluing.

After you have purchased the required amount of material from a trusted manufacturer, you can start laying a parquet board yourself.

At the first stage, it is important to put the base in order, for this it is necessary to put a screed that will be responsible for the evenness of the surface. It is important to clean the surface of small pebbles and other dirt. Then you need to place the waterproofing film on top of the screed. The films of the film should completely cover the entire surface, entering each other by 20 cm, and on the wall of the skirting board by 5 cm.

Next, the heat insulator is laid. It can be both polyethylene and polystyrene stoves. All the material should fit very close to each other, without large cracks.

After our base is ready, we proceed to laying a good parquet board. It is best to start laying from the corner of the longest wall, and do not forget about the wedges that should be separated to avoid deformation. The next board also lays along the wall, and if there is still an uncovered area, then it is necessary to measure the exact line of the cut. When you continue to lay the boards, it is necessary that the grooves of the castle between them come together. With a rubber kiyanka you can drill a little surface.

After all the boards on the analogue are laid, it is necessary to remove the wedges, cut out the protruding polyethylene and install the skirting boards.

In the event that there are any obstacles that require the cut of the boards, it is best to use an electrician with small teeth.

If you have chosen the gluing method, a special adhesive is applied to the joints, and the boards are pressed tightly to each other.

During operation, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to wash the floor with a well -squeezed rag, vacuumed only with a special brush, and all the furniture should be glued with a special soft cloth.