The specifics of the application of self -tapping screws

There are many options for fastening elements, among which self -tapping screw. There are many types of such a metiz, each of which is intended for use in certain cases. For example, self -tapping screws can be used in work with wood, metal, concrete and other materials. But there are general features of all types.

We can say that screws are screws with carvings and a sharp tip. The specificity of their application is the ability to do without preliminary preparation of the hole before its twisting will be carried out. That is why this type of fastener is called self -tapping screw.

Such a mark can be used when carrying out different works. For example, with it, siding or lining is installed. That is why self -tapping screws are very widespread, because they find many options for applying. In the circulation, the fasteners of this type are very simple. It is only necessary when using it to take into account some specific points on which the quality of work depends.

For example, some distinctive features of the application of self -tapping screws are observed if you need to arrange a roof of the house with metal sheets or corrugated board. In such cases, it is necessary to use fasteners that have an enhanced tip. Since the metal is still quite car.

Modern samples of self -tapping screws differ in that their production is carried out in accordance with the highest requirements. In particular, self -tapping screws should have protective coatings that can protect them from moisture exposure. If such elements are deprived of at least a galvanized layer, then quickly, under difficult operating conditions, such fasteners will fail.