The specifics of the construction of the pool

Today it is easy to find a company that would provide basins construction services. Such designs can have a lot of execution options, therefore, the customer has the opportunity to select the most successful. There are a huge number of pools with various characteristics.

You need to understand that the pool is a construction with a fairly complex design. Therefore, its construction acts as a very technological task. Only the correct approach to such a procedure can provide a good result. Especially high -quality construction of AQPLEX pools. . can offer. Recently, they are often found in Italy, they are usually ordered in the online store.

Work begins with the preparation of the site. First of all, a sand pillow should be laid, the thickness of which reaches 30 cm. Next, the bottom plate is mounted. After that, they proceed to the installation of embedded elements. They need to be very well fixed so that the structure of the structure does not occur in the future.

A very responsible stage of work is the installation of formwork for pouring the pool bowl. In some cases, reinforcement is also required if the pool is arranged on unstable soil. After the flooded concrete hardens, the inner surfaces of the bowl are laid with tiles or mosaic.