Tips for choosing LED lamps

To create economical lighting of the street, it is best to use lamps equipped with LEDs, because they can save electricity several times more than ordinary sodium lamps. When building 1 km of the road, it is necessary to equip it with lighting, and for this it is necessary to install about 60 supports for lamps, the work of which can provide one substation. It should be noted that such a transformer substation can serve up to 250 lamps, and, consequently, 4 km of roads. If you consider everything from a financial point of view, then only the substation will cost 6 million. rubles, so the use of LED lighting will significantly save.

There is a fairly wide range of LED lamps in the modern market of lighting devices, so it is very difficult to make the right choice. The production of such products is engaged in several continents, but the most famous companies are: Cree, OSRAM, as well as Philips. All listed organizations are leading leaders in many areas, including the manufacture of lighting devices.

When choosing a lamp, the buyer often faces one serious problem: the mismatch of the characteristics indicators indicated on the packaging with real indicators. Therefore, before making a purchase, you should pay attention to:

power indicator;

brightness of light;

angle of lighting;


Devices of unknown manufacturers can degrade 50%after several thousand hours of work, that is, the brightness of light will reduce by half.

The main detail of the LED street lighting LED lighting is the power supply. It is worth paying attention to the temperature range at which the lamp is able to work. In the case when it is necessary to illuminate the street, the device should withstand not only the plus, but also the minus temperature. The passport must necessarily indicate the temperature regime at which the device works correctly.

The LED lamp for the street has a diagram. If the device is absorbed for installation on a street pillar, then the diagram should pay special attention. It can be of two types:

Round – lamps will create the effect of small spots under the lighting device.

Ellipsoid – lamps provide uniform lighting.

If you purchase and install the LED lamp of a well -known brand, then it is able to work without maintenance up to 5 thousand hours.