To help beginners repair

First, you need to indicate the list of repair work. Draw a plan of the apartment, discuss the future of furniture with your family and fix everything on the plan. Do not forget to add to the window plan, entrance, light sources.

Initially, you should start “dirty” work. To these, it is necessary to attribute the replacement of windows and doors, radiators, replacement of wiring, sockets, etc. D.

Only now you need to go, in fact, to repair and final work. Align the walls well, white, paint. Paul should be engaged at the last moment. Only after leveling the walls you need to make slopes on the windows, install doors.

When the walls have already leveled and doors in place, you need to go to the wallpaper. Most likely, you have already chosen suitable wallpaper, and wallpaper glue with the help of specialists of a construction supermarket. Then the time came to mount the suspended ceilings if they exist in terms of your repair.

And only now, when all repair work is completed, a dwelling without garbage, you need to lay the floor. Based on what the floors in the room will be, hire good workers – they are able to make your floor beautiful and spend less time and labor than you.

Successful repairs.