Tools and materials for installing interior doors “Architect”

If you have at least a little experience with interior doors, then it will not be difficult for you to install doors in your apartment. About how this is done, we will tell you now.

At first, slowly and thoroughly, you need to choose a door suitable for the decoration of your home. We recommend that you look at the products of domestic factories. In particular, the architect’s interior doors in Tambov in the price are moderate, and they can compete with imported analogues with quality.

Do not buy the door at random, because the door leaf should exactly approach the box in size. Remove the measurements in advance and take them with you to the store.

If you decide to use the services of the online store of interior doors in Tambov, then do not hesitate to call and ask your questions to the manager.

Prepare tools and materials required for work:

knife -haired woman;



self -tapping screws;

spoon of mounting foam;


After you bought the architect’s interior doors and prepared everything you need, you can start work. Remember that not gods burn pots, so you will succeed in everything. Work carefully, then the quality of the installation will be at the proper level. The only thing we recommend entrusting to the professional is the insertion of loops and pens, otherwise if you yourself do this wrong in view of the lack of experience, then the whole result of the work will go down the drain.

Start installing with a fixation of the box in the doorway using wedges from above and from the sides. The level control the position of the door frame in two dimensions. Make sure that the maximum distance between the opening and the door frame does not exceed 1 centimeter. Burn the door leaf on the hinges of the boxes fixed only by spacers and wedges.

Even if you used the level to check the impeccable verticality of your interior door, anyway can still happen. For example, the canvas can open or sag. In the first case, you need to adjust the position of the box, and in the second you will require more solid loops designed for the weight of this door. Only after eliminating all the shortcomings can you begin to fill the voids with a foam.

When installing an interior door, a architect, like any other, you need to take care so that the foam does not get to the door surface. The fact is that some varieties of foam have a chemical composition that can damage the material of the door leaf and box, and it will not be easy to clean it.