Tools necessary for repair

Guys, tools, this is our everything. If you do not have something yet, but there are tools, then this “something” can be done on your own. If hands grow from the right place, of course. Everyone knows that there is nothing eternal and that any apartment will sooner or later need repairs. Depending on the degree of neglect and complexity of the problem, the tasks may need a variety of tools. In order for the work to boil like a resin in a boiler at the devils, you need to prepare everything you need in advance, and not run to your neighbors or relatives, asking for permission to use a particular tool. On this site you will learn a list of the necessary repair tools.

We model the situation

Now you should decide on the front of work. Oking the room that has to be transformed, a master’s look and try to simulate the situation as if the repair is already going on, think about what could be useful and correlate the need for opportunities. If there is no desired tool, then connect the imagination, perhaps you have some kind of item that can be replaced to some extent the missing device? If there is nothing like that, then it remains to run around friends or buy the missing in the store, who knows, maybe someday it will come in handy.

Can’t do without

However, there is still a set of objects that will come in handy in solving certain problems. For example, if you just want to update your housing through cosmetic repairs, you should stock up on a variety of brushes, rollers and tanks for dripping in paint. In addition, you should take care of security to purchase protective glasses, rubber gloves and respirator. In addition to the paint itself, a solvent like “White Spirite” will be useful. If there is a painting of the ceiling or walls, then it is better to cover the floor with adhesive, this is easier to do than to then scrape the spaces of dug paint.

For pasting wallpaper you need a straight and even wall, if you have it, then it is good. If not, prepare multi-caliber spatulas, plaster and drill with a special mixer nozzle. The very wallpaper is the simplest occupation. Here we need only glue with a wide brush, and a sharp chancellery knife for trimming. The formed bubbles can be smoothed out with an ordinary rag. When replacing a window or doors, you will need tools more likely. Devices such as jigsaws, drills, possibly a rubbish are useful here. An ordinary hacksaw will also not hurt.