Ways to clean the chimney

From the combustion of firewood or another type of solid fuel in the furnace, soot is settled on the walls of the chimney. Its negative impact can lead to rapid wear of the pipe walls. In addition, soot fire is possible inside the chimney, followed by throwing out a sheave of sparks and fire. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the chimney at least once a year, preferably in the fall before the heating season. The manual method of cleaning is the most common. It is advisable to entrust this work to a professional who has extensive experience and special equipment. But there are ways to remove soot on their own.

First, it is necessary to check the chimney for the presence of collapsed brick or other extraneous objects. If such are present, then you need to take a long pole and push the obstacle down and pull out. Then proceed to cleaning the chimney from soot, with a special brush. Typically, pipes are cleaned from top to bottom, but some chimneys designs allow cleaning from below, thanks to the set of brushes with an integral handle.

Effective ways to clean the chimney

There are other, modern and most effective methods of cleaning chimneys. A special vacuum cleaner is better to cope with this task. He sucks soot from the side of the combustion opening, but he cannot do a large accumulation of soot. The removal of large deposits is carried out with liquid or chemical agents that prevent the repeated deposition of soot. Chemicals should be applied to the warmed walls of the chimney. Thanks to the release of the gas heated chemical, soot will not be able to accumulate inside the pipe.

Soot cleaner

Cleaner of soot is a modern drug for removing deposits in a chimney. Such a cleaner consists of a mixture of various crystals having various components. The cleaner is added to firewood or other type of solid fuel. This drug accelerates the combustion process and turns the soot released during burning into combustible gas. Such gas is environmentally friendly and safe regarding the content of toxins.

Another type of crystals in the drug when heated destroys the structure of the resin. The main component determining the formation of a solid plaque is moisture. With her evaporation, fragile particles remain from soot, which themselves crumble and burn out. Cleaning chimneys with the help of such special tools will constantly keep the chimney of any furnace, fireplace or other heating products, clean.