Ways to conduct sewage systems for the country

Many did not even think to equip their cottage with all the amenities that they have in their apartment in the city. If this is a country house or a cottage in which people live and not just come to relax during the warm time, then providing all the amenities is simply necessary. But a modern private house, whether it is a cottage or cottage, is not so difficult to equip in terms of connecting water, gas, autonomous sewage. Consider the methods of conducting an autonomous sewer.

So, you decided that you need sewage for giving. As a rule, the main problem is that in the summer village where a cottage or country house is built, there is no central sewage system, so it is necessary to take care of the problem of wastewater removal. Here are a few ways to solve this problem:

Construction of a septic tank that will mechanically clean the water. Septics are now only gaining their popularity, but I work very efficiently.

Just dropping stocks in the next ditch or trench. Do not use this method, it is simply indicated here for clarity. This is not only illegal, but also harms the surrounding ecology. However, some still practice this method.

Application of sewage treatment plants. This method is suitable for houses in which they live all year round. This method will clean the wastewater efficiently and quickly, but it costs more than other options for solving the problem.

Using the drive (cesspool). The most primitive, but also the most common way to solve the sewage problem. A sealed reservoir breaks out, to which the pipes go and into which all wastewater is discharged. When the reservoir accumulates, you need to call the Assencing machine or prepare a new tank.