Ways to protect the car from theft

Since access to the electronic signaling system and its subsequent deactivation today for scammers is not difficult, equipping the car with an additional mechanical type protection system will increase safety. In the vast majority of cases, outwardly mechanical systems are able to confuse the hijacker. In the event that he still decides to hide the car, then he will have to overcome a number of obstacles. Most mechanical systems during installation are masked, as a result of which, it takes some time to detect it.

There is a huge range of mechanical protective systems in retail networks today. You can choose a system of blocking the brake system, steering column, hood, as well as gearboxes. Just the same system that blocks the gearbox is most common among motorists. The principle of its operation is that, turning on the back speed, I block it in this position, while the movement of the car is possible only back. Of course, you can hide the car with such a protection system, but for this you will have to squeeze the clutch and move the car manually. I must admit that from the outside it will look quite suspicious.

The blocking system can also be installed in the gearbox itself, as a result of which there are no external signs. However, this method is inconvenient, since you have to disassemble the gearbox.

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