Ways to stain wooden windows

Wooden windows have existed for a very long time. Their main advantage in environmental friendliness and reliability. Although it is worth noting that these windows have many other advantages, though they are overshadowed by some disadvantages such as instability, hygroscopicity, exposure to cracking and drying, susceptibility to swelling, grief, insufficiently high strength indicators and many other things.

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Being the master of wooden windows, it is very important to understand that they need competent and that regular care is very important, otherwise the windows can “do” so much so that they will simply be impossible to restore.

The list of work on the care of wooden windows includes many works. First of all, this of course, putty and painting, it largely depends on this in many respects whether other more thorough work will need to be carried out, which can already be called not a departure, but a full -fledged repair.

Window painting is a fairly interesting process that can occur in different ways. I mean that there are many ways to paint. For example, windows can be painted with a brush, which, by the way, most often occurs. Moreover, they either understand, that is, the wings are removed or do not understand. Of course, in all cases of painting already previously stained or varnished windows, you will need to make a preparatory stage, which consists in the need to remove the old coating.

Another method of painting windows is carried out by using a sprayer. This method is not used often. In most cases, it is used for primary painting and, in addition, even before the window structure is installed in the window opening. Moreover, even before the installation of glasses.

The third method is probably most likely not used at home, since it consists in dipping window elements directly into the staining composition.