We create multi -level lighting

Choosing lighting devices that differ from each other by designer performance, color palette and shape, the buyer is usually lost and cannot make a choice in favor of any one option.

At the moment, people, searching for interior solutions, prefer two directions. To the first, those individuals who strive to save the common space from the abundance of unnecessary things are not indifferent.

At the same time, they are happy to connect lighting with objects available in the design of the room: they mount LEDs in a stretch ceiling, develop exclusive and extraordinary forms of lamps, which repeat the lines and outlines of furniture products, etc. D.

The adherents of the second direction are those who do not escape the conduct of bold experiments with the choice of materials for legs, lampshades and plafoles of lamps – they like the ornation and sophistication of forms, intricate patterns, textures and, of course, handmade.

A diverse assortment of lighting devices, dimmers (brightness regulators), multisection switches – all this allows you to create the most comfortable and beautiful lighting of apartments.

Currently, there are three main criteria that guarantee the organization of excellent highlighting of living space:

General functionality of light;

aesthetics and fashion trend;

Technical abundance of electrical engineering.

The hunting mixing of heterogeneous styles (eclecticism) in one modern interior is due to an ardent desire to make its home unique and peculiar. This result can be achieved due to the light.

For many years, the owners of cottages and ordinary apartments as a true leader among the entire wealth of lighting devices consider the point illumination of shelves, steps, certain items of furniture and accessories of a different purpose.

So, with the help of classic hanging chandeliers, you can divide the room into separate zones and emphasize the directed stream of light on some details. Floor lamps will ensure the creation of a relaxing environment and an intimate atmosphere, as well as visually raise the height of the ceiling.

Sconces located on the walls organize the backlight of the angles of the room, but the combination of electric lamps of warm yellow shade and white light diodes will allow you to create deeper lighting of the entire room.

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